Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Umm, yep, Im still alive....

It has been ridiculously long since I last blogged....there just isnt enough time in the day, what with al lthe facebooking, and pinteresting, and oh, work, and playing with my child....oh, and then Christmas is all of like 12 seconds away....and I took on entirely too much this year. Ohh, speaking is the holiday card I designed for our family this year via Picassa/Piknik....I did some of these and some traditional cards that you slid the photo into. So, MERRY CHRISTMAS from our family to yours.

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving. At first, it was going to be small..just Rell, 5, me, and Rells Step Brother. But then, I about a week and a half out I convinced my parents AND my aunt and uncle and two cousins to come out for the holiday. We went from the "hmm, maybe we'll just to pizza" to turkey for 10! It was awesome. I love love loved having the family here. And it had been alsmot 2 years since I had seen my Aunt and over three since I had seen Uncle Tom and the boys.

Cinco is getting ginormous! And along with that comes a ginormous personality.....and by personality, I pretty much mean attitude. The child does not want you to do anything for him...he insists upon doing it himself...even if he actually cant do it himself. He's says a lot of words....but never when you want him when you're trying to show your parents or grandparents how smart he is because he says so many words......

He had a little accident in November. He challenged the corner of a wooden play sink to a duel...the wooden play sink won. Luckily, no stiches, but steri strips, glue, bandaids, and a scar shaped like a T (for Thomas) on his eyebrow....he's my own little Harry Potter.

What? I havent posted Chicken Little and Chicken Big Pictures?? Im thinking this is probably the last Halloween this child ont have an opinion about what he wants to be, so I am taking full advantage of dad's chicken costume by once again dressing 5 in a coordinating outfit. Seriously, one of the cutest things I have ever seen.....

Eventually, I would love to post some pics of Christmas decorations...I even did one of the eleventy billion projects I saw on pinterest. Maybe I will get around to that, in say, March. FYI - Christmas is ELEVEN days away......ELEVEN.......
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Monday, October 17, 2011

More decorations

Apparently, I am obsessed with Halloween Decorations this year...I blame Pintrest.....

Pumpkins at the Front door - I coudl do like 10 more of these....but, that's kind of a waste of money since, you know, pumpkins I will stop at 4...3 1/2 actually...maybe.....

Our cute little family of Metal Ghosts.  I "designed" these...which basically consisted of taking a sharpie and putting a squiggle shape on some corrugated metal that we had hanging around the shop.  then I had one of the guys at work cut them out with a torch....I was going to paint them white, but the torch did a cool smoke type effect on them, so I think I am going to leave them.  I am sure the dudes at work were thrilled to be part of craft time.  Whatever...they're getting paid whether they're bending rebar to go in a concrete slab or making cute metal ghosts, so what do I care?  :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I get sooooo emotional, baby....

(remember that song??)
Ohhh, but what I really meant was, I have such an emotional baby......
That's what his teachers at school have been reporting recently when I pick him up. "Cinco was very emotional today." What? Emotional?? We Brooks/Salomes aren't emotional!!!! I didn't really get what they meant until I experienced "emotional Cinco" translation....emotional=big fat whiney crying needy butt teething baby.....constantly! I guess emotional is the polite way of saying that....whatevs....I have a crybaby....I blame it on the teeth. 4 molars coming in....and the terrible two's...even though he is not quite 1 1/2 yet.....but he's so I am certain it is the terrible 2 thing A few pictures of him NOT being emotional......

Longhorn Family.....we proudly support our Horns....even if they did get stomped by OU

Big Ranger Fans Here!!

Me LOVE oreo Cookie!!!!! (please re-read in your best cookie monster voice...)
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Boo Part 2

more halloween decorations at the salome house.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Working on a few halloween decorations. A wreath and my imitation pottery barn pumpkins for my dining room. Also working on some metal decorations for my to come. Im totally getting into halloween this year.....but im still not dressing up.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

And finally....what we've been up to part 3!

Trying popcicles

Taking all my clothes off

More reading

Learning to feed MaggieMae

And learning that MaggieMae food is NOT Cinco food

Trying a sip of Mama's coffee (which lets be's really more like trying a sip of mom's creamer....)

Stuffing my face

Learning to drive

and finally, PLAYING!!

We've had a pretty full summer. It's hard to believe it is already September. Im such a cliche! Where does the time go? They grow up so fast...yada yada....Im looking forward to fall and being able to play outside without slather a pound of sunscreen on both 5 and I (probably just a half pound thorugh November)!
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Stuff we've been up to - Cell Phone Pics Part 2

Chilling with a Lovie and a cup of milk on the plane.

A little light reading

My best Elvis impersonation


Getting in trouble....someone knows he isnt allowed in the dining room.

Discovering Nutella

Hanging with Mom in Texas, missing dad

Bring crazy at home

Taking a shopping trip in stride

Jogging with the fam (we havent been up to this all that often this summer...)

Playing with cars, a new favorite....

Helping with laundry

Helping with laundry some more.

Discovering pizza



Riding the bike

Recycling (but only metal)

digging through moms wallet looking for cash. Fail!

Looking like a big boy
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